welcome to The Song of the Paddle!

Here at The Song of the Paddle we take great pleasure in increasing the joy of your paddling experience in whatever manner we can.

Whether you are a seasoned paddler, or someone just thinking about getting involved in the sport, we have the equipment and the expertise to make your experience a safer and more enjoyable one.

Our goal is to enrich your life with the wonderful experience of paddling and we’ll do everything we can to help you reach your own paddling goals as well. Join us on one of our paddling excursions and see some of the best scenery that Nova Scotia has to offer.

We’re located in beautiful Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, where the view from the air looks more like a series of lakes joined by pieces of land than vice versa so finding a paddling destination to meet your paddling comfort and experience level is easier than you might think! We’d love to see you so drop by and visit us today!

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